Dandelion Leaves


We believe "church" is not an organized religion or a building. This church is a progressive community that gathers people who identify with the teaching of Jesus and who want to keep improving themselves holistically. Through the study of scientific research and traditional wisdom, we can love ourselves and love others better. 

We believe that Jesus of Nazareth is one of the greatest spiritual leaders in history. We support Jesus's teaching of Love. We support learning from the moral stories and wisdom in the Bible. We also recognize how the traditional doctrines of conservative churches and their lens of Bible interpretation contain biased concepts, cultures, and ideologies that pollute the original spiritual teaching of Jesus. Some of these conservative false teachings have been out-of-date and have caused harm to many people.

Our church is LGBTQ-affirming. For more resources on Christianity and LGBTQ topics, visit 


Our ministry focuses on serving the Chinese community because we believe there's a huge need in such an area. However, our group welcomes people from any ethnic background to attend.

Shoot us an email to join a small group.